Item 001 (Plantsvsme's Proposal) is a blue bladed sword that forces the holder to wear Item 001-B, which is a helmet of golden armor. after holding the sword and wearing the helmet, the subject will begin to run amok, killing people and eating them.

In MCEdit

Item 001 is in Site 013, along with Item 001 (Matt's proposal). It is held on a pedestal in a 25-block deep sandstone pit with a iron catwalk around the edges. The catwalk has guardrails outlining it. There are only redstone lamps giving light sources. When 001-B is worn and 001 held in the player's hand the player gets swiftness 3, hunger 5, and Item 001 effect, which causes the player to attempt to eat villagers and zombies. after 5 minutes of this the player will die, scattering 001 and 001-B, flesh and if a zombie was eaten, rotten flesh. Guards will attempt to kill the player after wearing and holding Item 001.
Item 001

Item 001

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